This is the Day | Exodus 14:21-31 Devotion

Episode 4 December 12, 2020 00:22:03
This is the Day | Exodus 14:21-31 Devotion
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This is the Day | Exodus 14:21-31 Devotion

Dec 12 2020 | 00:22:03


Show Notes

This the day of deliverance as the people of God walk miraculously on dry ground through the Red Sea and the entire Egyptian army is defeated. In other words, “it is finished!” – the same smell of victory we have in Jesus.

With the changes and challenges of the coronavirus, here is something like a devotion from our family to yours that together we may be a “living family” in the Lord and in the eternal life he gives us.

Music: This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made

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