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Family Devotions on Bible stories with some children's songs. From our family to yours, that together we may be a forever family in the Lord!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. I Wanna Be a Sheep! Exodus 16:13-36 Devotion

    Just like each new day presents new challenges, so it was in desert life for the people of God. God was being a good shepherd who knew just what his sheep needed to learn. May we listen to his voice in the Bible that we remain under his gracious care ...


  2. Breakfast Bread from Heaven | Exodus 16:1-12 Devotion

    These devotions have been very helpful for our family and our conversation about the coronavirus and other challenging parts of our lives. The Lord goes with us wherever we go and teaches us that we can trust him, for he is reliable and faithful to us. Music: For Health and Strength ...


  3. What to Bring to the Desert: Woter or the Word? Exodus 15:22-27 Devotion

    Maybe the answer is obvious, but then again, we all need reminders. Join our family as we remember the most crucial part of the way through the desert of life – bringing the Word of God. From our family to yours, that together we may be a forever family in ...


  4. Make a New Song, Miriam! Exodus 15:11-21 Devotion

    This time we finish up the “big song” of chapter 15 before closing it with Miriam’s outburst of joyful faith and celebration. If you have a melody for Miriam’s words, we’d love to hear it – from your family to ours! Make a new song in your heart and give ...


  5. Time to Sing for Joy! Exodus 15:1-1- Devotion

    From our family to yours…it’s time to sing for joy with the people of God to celebrate his awesome acts of deliverance and kindness. Learn the song of Exodus 15 and make a new song in your heart to the Lord. Music: Final two verses of “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” ...